Suhorovsky Design is a mixture of

Details done right.

Paying attention to the details is crucial in this business.

Our mission is to provide the best quality products, that will allow our clients to alter the looks of their cars while keeping the taste & line of the car’s brand.
One thing that differs our company from others is that we pay a lot of attention to the bodykit’s details and the end-result fitment.

Old spirit, new look

All of our products are made with passion. One of the most important things that we like to keep during the design process is the brand’s spirit. Mercedes has to remain a Mercedes and so it goes for other brands.

With that in mind we design our sets as more aggressive versions of the base models, keeping the brand’s silhouette and character. We are inspired by the limited and track sets that normally cannot be seen on the streets.

New cars, newer projects

In order to please world’s most demanding clients we have to keep up with the actual trends. Our mission is to focus on world’s most desired cars. When choosing the cars on which we would like to do the optical tuning, we look mostly for cars that are iconic and timeless.

It’s a big challenge on each stage of the project that awakes many emotions during the process and gives even more satisfaction when the project’s finished.

Our products

Below we showcase you some of our products.

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Wonderful things require
a good mix of combined skills

This is why we offer to our clients not only the plain bodykit itself. If one wishes so, we can take care of doing the assembly and varnishing.

Thanks to cooperation with world’s best companies in the tuning industry we can also provide to our clients such services as: wrapping with foil, custom interior design, custom rims. All custom. In one place.

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satisfied customers
parts sold
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Suhorovsky Design is a creative company dedicated to building beautiful cars.

Idea, design.

We are the fathers of concepts. After sketching and prototyping we also do the whole modelling. Later on our kits are ready for selling.


After the bodykit’s produced, it’s ready to be shipped. We can transport the bodykit to the destination of client’s choice (ie. workshop).


After the deal has been sealed we begin the production. When finished, your product is carefully packed in a solid wooden chest.

Satisfied customer

The most important thing for us. A satisfied client.

So, do you want to give your car a new look?

If you're interested with our offer and would like to purchase the bodykit for your vehicle please contact us for more details. Besides the bodykits we also offer the complex service of mounting & varnishing it at our workshop.