Suhorovsky Design.

Born from the passion and talent, vision of a chief designer and founder of the company - Mr Sławomir Suchorowski, evolved from a revolutionary project of BMW E30, throughout the success of body kits for BMW E36, to a wide range of iconic models of cars, such as Mercedes and Porsche.

Thanks to the creativity and commitment of the team, Suhorovsky Design transforms known cars into exquisite models, providing their owners with a unique experience and the opportunity to stand out among hundreds of others…


Photo shoot at AQUA ZDROJ Walbrzych


We recently did a photo shoot of three of our latest designs - Mercedes CL C216 SR66, Mercedes SL R230 SR66.1 and Mercedes CLS W219 SR66. The whole thing took place at Aqua Zdroj -...

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RaceISM Event Wroclaw 2014


On the 28th and 29th of June we had the pleasure to showcase our two cars on this year’s RaceISM Event in Wroclaw, Poland. During the weekend, in the crown of the City Stadium peop...

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Mercedes SL R230 SR66.2


We're proud to present our secondary design for Mercedes-Benz SL R230. Body kit consists of: front and rear bumper, sideskirts, spoiler, front fenders & fender flares for rear....

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Lamborghini Gallardo SR66.1

lamborghini_gallardo (4)

We are the owners of a brand new car concept, that in the past year, due to his love and passion for cars, has started as an idea in our owners mind, throughout the sketch board, a...

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